Repairs That Radiant Heating Systems May Need

The kinds of repairs you may see with a radiant heating system will depend at least partly on the kind of radiant heating system you have. There are two ways in which radiant heating can heat your home: via electricity or via hydronics (hot water). The best way to review the kinds of repairs you may see with either system is to look at each system individually.

Electric Radiant Floor Heating

Electric radiant floor heating consists of either electric cable set into cement or installed directly to subflooring or electrically-conductive matting through which the electric cable is weaved through electrically-conductive plastic matting, and the matting is installed directly to subflooring. A couple of the more common repairs you can see with electric radiant heating are:

  • Cold spots – if some part of the electric cable in the radiant heating system fails, it can result in cold spots on the floor. The cable may have sustained damaged or simply worn out, but it will likely need to be replaced in order to restore heat to that section.
  • Electrical overload – your electrical box may need to be upgraded in order to accommodate the electrical needs for the radiant heating. If it isn’t, you may experience tripping circuit breakers that won’t allow electricity to flow for your heating.

Hydronic Radiant Floor Heating

A hydronic system heats by using a boiler to heat water that will travel through PEX tubing as either hot water or steam; this hot water or steam then releases heat as it travels through the PEX tubing. Common problems that can ensure are:

  • Problems with the boiler – boilers are durable, but at some point your may need repair. If the boiler isn’t working properly, your radiant heating won’t work properly.
  • Issues with the circulating pumps – the circulating pumps are the mechanisms responsible for pushing the hot water from your boiler through the tubing; circulating pumps can malfunction due to broken seals or a build-up of mineral deposits.

Radiant heating repairs don’t have to be big, scary problems, especially when your heating repair service in Hendersonville is handled by the experts at Comfort Central, Inc. Having a problem with your radiant heating? Call us today!

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