Remember: Heat Pumps Use Refrigerant

service-timeDo you use a heat pump to keep your home warm throughout the winter season? If so, then you probably don’t need us to remind you of just how incredible these systems are. They provide exceptionally efficient heating when the weather outside is cold, and they have the huge added benefit of providing cooling all summer long. This means that you get year-round comfort with just one system installed on your property. Like any other system, however, heat pumps can run into problems.

It should always be a top priority to have your heater repaired ASAP if you suspect that there is a problem with the system. Just keep in mind the fact that a heat pump does use a refrigerant cycle in order to heat your home. A refrigerant leak is one of those problems that represents a major threat to the integrity of your system at large. If you suspect a refrigerant leak in your heat pump in Asheville, NC, contact us right away.

Why Does My System Use Refrigerant?

Without the use of a refrigerant cycle, you wouldn’t be able to use a heat pump. Because heat pumps would simply not exist if they did not use a refrigerant cycle. They’d be just another heater generating new heat.

The major difference between a heat pump and other heaters is that it doesn’t create new heat. Instead, heat pumps transfer existing heat from the air outside into your home. This is accomplished by evaporating refrigerant in the outdoor coil, then condensing that refrigerant in the indoor coil after compressing it to boost thermal energy. It’s basically acting just like an AC in reverse—and, of course, heat pumps can reverse to offer cooling, too.

What Are the Warning Signs?

Your heat pump won’t break down immediately because a refrigerant leak develops. However, it can suffer catastrophic damages if you fail to have the leak detected and sealed, and the system recharged, in a timely fashion. The “good” news is that there are plenty of warning signs for you to look out for.

  • Decreased heating output should be noted and looked into. If your heat pump used to heat your home just fine but struggles to do so now, then a refrigerant leak is likely.
  • Increased heating costs are another common sign of refrigerant leaks in heat pumps. Remember, the whole point of using a heat pump is to heat your home efficiently! If your bills are on the rise, don’t just shell out the money!
  • Short cycling is much more than an annoying occurrence. If your heat pump is running in short bursts, make no mistake about it—there is a problem. You may just need a fresh filter, but if that filter is clean, a refrigerant leak is definitely possible.

Not just anyone can handle a refrigerant leak. Trust our trained professionals to figure out if there is a leak, to pinpoint the source of that leak, and to resolve it completely.

Contact Comfort Central, Inc. with any heat pump service needs you may have.

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