My First Car

My first car. What a clunker. After realizing the lessons it taught me, I think it should be a LAW that your first car be very used, fail to start a few times, and overheat on occasion. Teaches character.

It did teach me to ‘take care of my stuff’. The feeling of breaking down, coupled with the embarrassment of course, is a feeling you DO NOT want to revisit. I can honestly say that I’d never heard or cared a whit about “preventive maintenance” until that experience.

Now, I do it and preach it. I’ll spare you the fire and brimstone version but I do have a couple points that can help you.

To me, the more expensive it is to replace, the more important it is to maintain. People always think of their home, or cars here, and that’s good. But I have “dividing line” on these items.

If it has an ‘operating cost’, like a car, it’s even more of a priority to maintain it. But if doesn’t, like say a roof (which is REAL expensive) then all you do is fix it quickly if it leaks. I mean, what else can you do?

You expect me to get to this part, but your home’s heating and air conditioning system has HUGE operating costs. For the next several weeks, I will be visiting The 5 MOST COMMON PROBLEMS that keep your heating and cooling system from delivering comfort. Among the “COMFORTS” we will visit will be:

  •  Your Family’s Comfort – Your Family’s Comfort Depends on the Proper Operation of your Heating and Cooling System
  • $$$ (MONEY) – The cost to operate and maintain your heating and cooling system over its lifetime is many times larger than the purchase price of the system.
  • Air Quality — Your heating and cooling system can play a vital role in maintaining good indoor air quality. It can affect your health as well as the health of your home.

As always, if you get curious or need answers while awaiting my further blogs, please visit here to contact us directly.

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