How Air Sealing Benefits You

When you run your air conditioning or heating system, you most likely close all of your windows and doors in order to save some energy. When air leaks out of your home, your air conditioning and heating system must run a little bit longer to compensate. While you may believe that closing up all of the entryways to the house solves this problem, there may be more issues of which you are unaware.

Often, small holes in cracks in the home allow air to leak out or move into the house. This may be around windows and doors, or there may be minor cracks in the walls or ceilings that need caulking. These can be tough to see, but even the smallest cracks can really add up, contributing to quite a bit of energy loss. A technician can locate the most common areas in which leaks occur during an energy audit. After a proper air sealing service is complete, here are just some of the benefits homeowners notice.

  • Greater Energy Efficiency: Air sealing can lower your energy bills more than you might expect. Enough leaks in a home can add up to the equivalent of an open window, which means you’re paying more for heating or cooling air that only goes right back outside.
  • Better Performance: When there are air leaks in the home, you probably notice hot or cold spots in various rooms. Your HVAC system performs better when air and heat cannot move in or out of the home easily, making everyone in the home more comfortable. It may also reduce the chances of repairs as it eases the strain on your HVAC unit.
  • Better Air Quality: The air quality may improve in your home after air sealing, as contaminants and allergens cannot infiltrate the indoor air.

During an energy audit, technicians perform a series of tests to discover where you’re losing the most energy. This includes a blower door system and pressure tests which most homeowners do not have access to. Choose the experts at Comfort Central, Inc. to perform an energy audit in your home in order to cut monthly energy spending and improve indoor air quality with air sealing in Cedar Mountain, NC. Give us a call today.

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