Saving Money with a Home Energy Audit

house-surrounded-by-rainbowWhen you hear “audit,” do you think about taxes? Most people do, and the word is definitely a bit scary in that sense. But there are many positive ways to use to word audit. It simply means “an official inspection by an independent body.” And there are parts of everyone’s life that could all use a review from an outside professional at some point.

This is what a home energy audit in all about. It’s a thorough inspection of how your home uses energy, from the insulation to the ductwork and appliances, done by experienced professionals. Although you can find some online guidelines for dong a home energy audit on your own, this isn’t recommended. It takes technicians who have the right equipment for testing a home’s thermal envelope and the training necessary to analyze the results. Professional auditors ensure you receive the right advice for how to improve your home energy performance. Call our team today to schedule a home energy audit.

The Ways an Audit Helps You Save Energy

You can save 5% to 30% on your annual energy bills when you make efficiency upgrades to your home based on the recommendations of a professional auditor. Each home has different needs. Here are some of the possible ways an audit targets places to save energy:

  • Find where insulation needs improvement: An audit checks the thermal envelope of a house to find places where heat is either entering or escaping. You’ll know where to place additional insulation or replace failed insulation. An improved thermal envelope saves energy throughout the year.
  • Discover duct leaks: One of the biggest ways a house can waste energy is through holes in the ducts of the ventilation system. Up to 30% of the conditioned air in the ducts can escape through these leaks—and that adds up to a large amount of money going to waste.
  • Pinpoint problems with windows: Cracks around windows allow heat gain and loss. You’ll know where the windows need caulking to improve them. The auditors may also recommend changing older windows for newer ones with superior insulation.
  • Locating trouble with the AC or heater: Your air conditioner and heating system may be running inefficiently. In fact, a natural gas-powered heater may be running unsafely! The audit will catch these problems and find the best ways to solve them.
  • Trouble with the water heater: The water heater makes up the biggest use of heating power over the year, so it’s important to know that your home’s water heater isn’t an energy waster.

To schedule a home energy audit in Asheville, NC, you only have to get in touch with our staff. We’ll set up an appointment for giving your home a thorough inspection with a comprehensive checklist. Our audit includes inspection of HVAC equipment, insulation, ductwork, the water heater, windows, and the performance of a combustion analysis. When our auditors are done, they’ll offer recommendations so you have a game plan on how to improve your home’s overall energy efficiency. You can count on us to work closely with you to find jobs that fit with your budget and time and prioritize the most important tasks.

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