Hendersonville Air Conditioning Guide: What’s in My Outdoor Unit?

Traditional air conditioning systems consist of indoor and outdoor components. The indoor components typically include fan or blower units, a condensate system to collect and remove condensation, the evaporator coil, air filters, the thermal expansion valve and the ductwork leading throughout your home.  That’s the heart and soul of the air conditioning system, so important in places like Hendersonville for keeping heat and humidity at bay in the warm summer months. But the outdoor unit plays no less a role in the smooth functioning of your AC system. What’s in that big metal box in your backyard? Let’s take a look:

  • Compressor motor: The compressor compresses the refrigerant that leaves the evaporator coil, increasing it’s temperature to above the outside air.
  • Condensing coil: The hot refrigerant gas then runs through the condensing coil, releasing its heat into the outdoor air and causing the refrigerant to condense into a high pressure liquid.
  • Refrigerant lines: These lines are usually made of copper, and carry refrigerant from the various indoor components to the various outdoor components and back again.
  • Fan: The fan you hear on the outdoor unit when your air conditioning is running helps to cool the condensing coil using outdoor air.
  • Ports and controls: The outdoor unit usually carries circuit breakers, shutoff switches and similar controls to help service technicians correct any problems that may arise in the unit. It also contains service ports, which let trained technicians test the refrigerants levels and recharge the refrigerant if necessary. In both cases, these features should only be operated by certified experts who can navigate the inner workings of the air conditioning system properly.

If any components in your outdoor unit start to malfunction, or even if they just require a little maintenance, contact the experts at Comfort Central. Our trained technicians handle air conditioning issues in Hendersonville and throughout the greater Asheville area. We’re dedicated to 100% customer satisfaction and will go the extra mile to ensure your air conditioning issue is addressed the first time, every time.

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