Heating Systems in Asheville, NC: Some Pros and Cons

Heating in Asheville, NC is no laughing matter. Our winters can get quite cold and a good heating system is often your best friend when it comes to keeping your house cozy and comfortable. Traditionally, most people in our area have heated their homes with either gas furnaces or boilers. But those aren’t the only choices. Numerous options are available, each of which carries their own share of advantages and disadvantages. When looking at heating systems it Asheville, it pays study some pros and cons. We’ve laid out a few for you below:

  • Gas furnaces. Gas furnaces used forced air technology: heating the air in a central system before distributing it throughout the household via a system of ducts. They’re easy to install, efficient, and most people are very comfortable with them. However, there is some energy loss that happens in the air ducts when you have a forced air system, and dirt and dust can also be circulated throughout your home.
  • Boilers. Boilers use heated water circulated via a system of pipes to heat the home. They don’t use air ducts, which means they are quieter than furnaces and their are fewer indoor air quality issues. They are very reliable and tend to be very long-lasting. However, they also take longer to heat your home and usually cost more to install.
  • Heat pumps. Heat pumps can both heat and cool your home with a single unit. Since they transfer heat, instead of create it by burning a fuel, they are a very efficient and environmentally friendly option. However, they may need help when temperatures get particularly cold.
  • Radiant heating. These systems install tubes or electric coils in your floor, then warm it to spread radiant heat through your home. As you may imagine, installation costs quite a bit, but the system is very efficient and can increase the value of your home in the process.
  • Geothermal heating. This form of heating buries coils in the ground, facilitating a heat exchange with the temperature in the earth (which doesn’t alter based on the weather outside). As with other systems mentioned, it costs a fair amount to install and usually requires at least a little standing land on your property. It is inexpensive and reliable once it’s set up, however.

If you’re looking at heating systems in Asheville, NC and want to discuss some pros and cons, Comfort Central is here to help. 

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