Early Gift Planning: A Wi-Fi Thermostat (Yes, Really!)

It’s November, and not even Black Friday yet, but we’re betting that you already have holiday shopping on your mind. If you want to eliminate your shopping early in the year, now is definitely the time to get a head start. And we have an idea that you may not have thought of for a great gift for a loved one that they can really use: a new Wi-Fi thermostat for their home. All you have to do is call up our team and arrange for a new thermostat installation for that special someone. It’s not a gift that they can open up on the day, but it’s one they’ll get more use out of than almost any other gift they may receive.

What’s the big deal with a Wi-Fi thermostat?

Plenty! Here are only a few of the advantages of a Wi-Fi thermostat as a replacement for an older system:

  • Easy to use: New technology isn’t supposed to be overly complicated, even with all the features that it offers. Wi-Fi thermostats have easy-to-read interactive interfaces that guide users through their options so they can get the most benefit from the various programming features. And the thermostats do most jobs automatically!
  • Lowers bills: You’ll be saving money for the person lucky enough to receive a Wi-Fi thermostat replacement. The “smart” technology of these thermostats allows them to automatically maximize settings for the best in comfort and energy savings. The thermostat knows the best way to adjust for comfort without throwing away money.
  • Access from anywhere: A Wi-Fi thermostat can be controlled from a smartphone using an app. Anywhere the phone has satellite or Wi-Fi access, the thermostat can be operated. No more worries about accidentally leaving the heating or cooling on during a long trip.

There are plenty of other features available. It all depends on what type of model you purchase. You’ll probably be so impressed with what you can do with a Wi-Fi thermostat that you won’t be satisfied with a gift… you’ll want to have one installed for your home as well!

To find out more about Wi-Fi thermostat options—as a gift or for your home—contact Comfort Central, Inc. We service Brevard and throughout Western North Carolina.

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