Common Mistakes that Lead to Air Conditioning Repairs: An Asheville, NC AC Tip

If you’re like most homeowners you want to come home to a nice comfortable home. Your air conditioning system is a huge part of your home’s comfort—especially right now. But there are a few mistakes that homeowners make that can cause their AC not to work the way it should. Call the Asheville, NC air conditioning repair professionals at Comfort Central if you need AC service. We have years of experience working on all different types and brands of systems. We wanted to help our customers stay comfortable in their homes which is why we put together this list of some of the mistakes that we see.

  • Buy an AC that is too big – We often see homeowners that go out and buy a larger air conditioning system than they need. While it might seem like this would keep your home more comfortable, it actually does the opposite. The problem with a gigantic AC in a small home is something called “short cycling”. This occurs when your AC turns on, quickly cools your home, turns off and then soon after has to come back on again to start cooling again. This can lead to hot and cold spots in your home as well as your home being muggy and humid. It also increases the wear and tear on your system which can lead to more frequent repairs.
  • Not getting regular maintenance – Another big mistake that we see homeowners make is to not schedule regular maintenance for their home’s AC system. As your air conditioner runs it will start to develop small problems and issues. Without intervention from a professional contractor, those problems will likely fester and get more serious. During regular maintenance visits, your technician will look for those problems and repair them before they can cause more harm to your AC system.
  • Not changing the air filter – One of the most common causes of  air conditioning repair is a clogged air filter. Your air filter is there to keep dust and dirt from getting inside the AC unit. If it gets clogged it will restrict the flow of air through your AC and cause more frequent repair, decreased efficiency and decreased comfort in your home.

For all your Asheville, NC air conditioning repairs, make sure that you call Comfort Central. 

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