Asheville, NC Air Conditioning Repair Tip: 3 Signs of Trouble

This summer when you’re running your air conditioning system a lot you may run into some trouble. Here at Comfort Central, we are dedicated to our customers’ complete satisfaction and to their comfort. That’s why we wanted to put together 3 of the most common issues to watch out for. If you need Asheville, NC air conditioning repair, make sure that you give us a call today.

Keep an eye and an ear out this summer for the following issues that you might be having with your air conditioning system.

  • Not enough cooling – Probably the most common call for AC repair that we get is for an AC system that is blowing warm air or that isn’t producing enough cooling. This issue can leave homeowners frustrated and uncomfortable. This problem has a number of different cause including low refrigerant, broken compressor, clogged air filter or a broken fan motor.
  • AC making strange noises – If your air conditioning system has started to produce a new or unusual noise, make sure that you call for professional repair. While your AC should make some noise while it operates, any new noises like means that something has gone wrong. If you hear a hissing noise it likely means that you have a refrigerant leak somewhere. A squealing sound indicates that the fan belt is likely old and in need of replacement. If you hear gurgling, it likely indicates that there is low refrigerant in the system.
  • AC won’t turn on – If your air conditioning system won’t even turn on at all then you definitely have a serious problem. This issue could be caused by a faulty thermostat but it could also be that one of your air conditioner’s fan motors is broken, or that the motors’ capacitors are broken.

For all your Asheville, NC air conditioning repair needs, make sure that you call the experts at Comfort Central.

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