AC Concerns: What’s That Sound?

Every mechanical system will make a modicum of noise when it operates, but there’s a difference between operational sounds and abnormal sounds. However, as the homeowner, it behooves you to know what kinds of sounds are considered to be abnormal so that you know when to call for your Comfort Central, Inc., technician. Here are some sounds that typically indicate that a problem has developed with your air conditioning system.

  • Banging – there are no operational circumstances in which your air conditioner should make a banging sound. Many times this type of sound indicates that one of the fans has a loose or broken blade that is banging into the components around it. Your fan can operate with a loose or broken blade, but the blade can cause damage to anything it comes into contact with as it rotates.
  • Hissing sound – a hissing sound from your AC usually indicates that a refrigerant leak has developed. The refrigerant in your system is under pressure, and when a leak develops, the refrigerant escaping through the leak hole depressurizes, resulting in a hissing sound.
  • Screeching – screeching can be indicative of one of two problems, and one type of problem is very serious and requires immediate attention. The first problem that can be traced to a screeching sound is a belt issue with a fan; the second problem is a pressure issue with your compressor in which the compressor is operating at such a high pressure level that air is escaping wherever it can. The best way to handle a screeching noise is to turn off your system and call for help immediately.

Strange sounds are one of the ways in which air conditioners communicate that there’s a problem with your system. If you are hearing a strange sound coming from your AC in Asheville, NC, call us today and schedule a repair appointment.

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