3 Reasons Your Furnace is So Expensive to Run

In Hendersonville, furnaces are often the go-to method of heating your home. They fit our local climate extremely well and can provide excellent heating power when the winter nights get cold. While heating your home is never free, if your heating bills seem very high, there are a few things you can do. Here are 3 reasons your furnace in Hendersonville is so expensive to run, along with ways to cut down on those costs.

  • The furnace has not been maintained. The internal components of the furnace will build up dust and grime over time, which increases friction in moving parts and can interfere with other parts of the heating process as well. In addition, general wear and tear can reduce the efficiency of a furnace, costing you more in monthly energy bills. You can address this issue by scheduling a maintenance visit from a trained technician, preferably in the fall before heating season begins in earnest.
  • Your home isn’t well insulated and sealed. This isn’t just insulation in the walls and attic, but it also means things like cracks under the front door and windows, as well as window panes made of aluminum and other non-insulated materials. These can leach heat out of your home, forcing your furnace to work harder to keep it warm. You can address it by adding insulation – particularly in the attic, since hot air rises – and by using weather stripping to seal the cracks around your doors and windows.
  • Heating when you don’t need to.  If you have times during the day when the house is usually empty, such as when everyone is at work or school, you can turn down the heat during that time (though for people with boilers and heat pumps, we don’t recommend a set back more than 5 degrees). A programmable thermostat can do this automatically, saving your money without any extra effort on your part. A zone control system can allow you to keep different areas of your home at different temperatures, so you don’t have to waste heat keeping the empty guest bedroom at the same temperature as the rest of your home.

For other reasons why your furnace in Hendersonville is so expensive to run, as well as installation and upgrade ideas on making the most out of your furnace, contact the experts at Comfort Central. We handle Hendersonville furnace issues of all varieties, so don’t hesitate to give us a call!

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