3 Common Problems Requiring Air Conditioning Repair in Hendersonville

No one likes to consider the cost air conditioning repair, especially during the heat of summer when even a few hours without cool air can be a trial. In Hendersonville, NC, summer temperatures can be quite high, and if the air conditioning seems to be working at all, it may seem like a good idea to defer a repair rather than shut the unit down and call in an expert. In truth, however, the longer you delay, the more acute the problem can become, and what starts out as a minor issue can escalate into a more substantial repair cost. Here are three common problems requiring air conditioning repair.

  • Warm air: If the air blows warm, or doesn’t feel as cool as it once did, it means that something is likely out of whack in the cooling cycle. When refrigerant levels drop (usually because of a leak), the system labors harder to properly cool the air, and ice may develop on important components. A trained technician can not only recharge the refrigerant, but find and seal the leak so that the problem doesn’t repeat itself. Dirty coils can also cause inadequate cooling.
  • Low air flow: If the air conditioning unit is on, but the air flow is restricted, it could indicate a blockage in your ducts somewhere. The blower fan may also be malfunctioning and build up on an air filter might be restricting the air flow as well.
  • The AC unit will not turn on: There’s no more obvious sign of a problem than if the air conditioning unit itself will not turn on. Some of the components within the system, such as the compressor motor, have automatic shut-off switches that trigger when the component is overloaded or malfunctioning. It may also be an issue with frayed wiring or with the electrical system inside your house.

A trained technician can deal with all of these problems in an efficient and professional manner. In addition to repairs, a good service technician can also provide maintenance calls, cleaning components and performing other little steps to keep small problems from becoming large ones. For air conditioning repair in Hendersonville, NC, contact Comfort Central. We can handle repairs, installation and maintenance issues to keep you air conditioning systems running.

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