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Signs You Need Boiler Repair

Monday, January 27th, 2014

Many homes in Asheville, NC have boilers, and their efficient use of hot water is an inexpensive and effective way to heat your home. If something goes wrong with your boiler, you want it fixed quickly. The sooner you can have the problem fixed, the less you’ll need to worry about and the better the chances of avoiding a more serious repair in the future. If you need boiler service in Asheville, give Comfort Central, Inc. a call.

Here are some signs you need boiler repair:

  • Leaking water. Water leaks can spring up anywhere along the system, but look for it most in either the central unit, or along any fittings or seals in the pipes. Dripping water or puddles of water make the most obvious sign, though not every leak produces drips. (In those cases, you can check the water pressure levels to see if they’re dropping.) Leaks not only impact how well your system is able to heat, but can also cause damage to your home, so call for repair at the first sign of trouble.
  • Slow heating. If the boiler takes longer to heat up the home than you’d expect, there could be a problem with the burners. Or it may indicate that mineral deposits have built up in the boiler, forming an insulating layer between the water itself and the burners. Either way, it means that your boiler is undergoing more stress and strain than it should, and that the situation needs correcting before the problem becomes serious.
  • Noises. Strange noises often indicate mineral build-up in the boiler, as issues with water pressure. If could also indicate components under strain, struggling to do their job the way they should. If you boiler keeps making an unusual noise, be sure to make a note of where it seems to be coming from and how often it happens. This can help your heating technician more easily diagnose the issue.

If you spot signs that you need boiler repair, you shouldn’t delay. The longer you let a small problem fester, then better chance it has of turning into a big problem. Instead, contact the Asheville boiler repair professionals at Comfort Central, Inc. Give us a call today and let us show you what we can do!

3 Myths About Furnaces

Tuesday, January 21st, 2014

Gas furnaces are a popular and effective means of keeping your home warm during the cold winter months. But just because furnaces are everywhere, it doesn’t mean that people don’t have certain misconceptions on how they operate. Not knowing the truth about those myths can cost you time and energy, since they often lead to reduced efficiency and higher monthly bills.

Here are 3 myths about furnaces you should beware of:

  • “If I turn the temperature way up, it will heat the house more quickly.” Most furnaces run their fans at just one speed, and even multi-speed furnaces have only two or three settings at most. That means if you set your thermostat too high, you’ll end up wasting more energy than you need to. Set your furnace at the temperature you want your house to be, don’t waste energy overheating.
  • “A high efficiency furnace will automatically save me money.” Only if you run your new heater about as often as you ran your old one. A higher efficiency heater will do the job more effectively, but if you run it more often than you used to, your bills will likely stay the same or even go up. If you have a house that has too little insulation or a lots of air leaks, your new furnace might also use a lot of energy to keep your warm.
  • “I don’t need to change my thermostat setting at night.” Heating is contingent upon the temperatures outside your home: that’s the factor your heater is trying to hold off by warming your home. At night, the outside temperature drops. If you lower your thermostat to account for that – both when you leave for work in the morning and when you go to sleep at night – you could save a great deal in energy costs.

These 3 myths about furnaces shouldn’t keep you from making the most out of your heating system and enjoying warm, comfy temperatures during even the worst parts of winter. For more tips and advice, or to schedule a repair,  the Brevard, NC furnace experts at Comfort Central, Inc. can help. We’re dedicated to your 100% satisfaction and our trained experts can answer any question you may have. Give us a call today and let us show you what we can do!

3 Reasons to Consider a Furnace in Hendersonville

Tuesday, January 14th, 2014

There are many different types of heating systems that you can choose for your home. There are furnaces, boilers, heat pumps, and more. If you’re looking to install a new heating system in your home, you want to consider all of the possibilities and take the unit that works best for your circumstances. That said, the traditional gas furnace still offers a lot of advantages that you might benefit from. Here are 3 reasons to consider a furnace in your Hendersonville home.

  • Cost: Gas furnaces cost much less to use on a month to month basis than electric heaters, since natural gas is cheap and plentiful. That lower cost can really come in handy during the coldest days of the year, when the furnace sees increased use.
  • Longevity: Natural gas furnaces tend to last a long time, providing you keep it well-maintained and address repairs promptly. Gas furnaces are comparatively simple systems, and their upkeep can be handled fairly easily by trained professionals. That can translate into a long shelf life, extending the time you can make use of it and deferring the cost of installing a new system.
  • Environmentally friendly: Gas furnaces burn very cleanly, with few emissions, and they also heat very efficiently. That makes them a very “green” form of heating your home.

There are other reasons to consider a furnace in Hendersonville, including ease of use and the ability to use an existing duct system already in place for your air conditioner. Whatever your circumstances, you can find help with the experts at Comfort Central, Inc. Pick up the phone and call us today. You’ll be glad that you did!

The Benefits of Scheduling Regular Maintenance for Your Boiler

Monday, January 6th, 2014

The durability of boilers is one that most home appliances should envy. Boilers can last many years without encountering serious difficulties or losing their effectiveness at bringing even, cozy heating to an entire house. Because boilers have few mechanical parts, they do not wear down as fast as other home heating systems.

However, boilers still need regular maintenance: it’s key to making sure that they live up to their reputation for longevity. If you have a boiler in Brevard, NC taking care of your winter needs, you need to make sure that you take care of its needs as well with regular preventive maintenance.

Comfort Central, Inc. helps people care for their boilers with regular maintenance so they will get the following benefits:

  • Long lifespan: At its most basic, maintenance serves to reduce the stress a heating system undergoes during regular operation. A boiler can begin to develop corrosion and loose connections if it does not receive routine maintenance; these sorts of problems can lead to the boiler failing many years before its manufacturer’s expected lifetime.
  • Reduced future repairs: This is where the “preventive” part of “preventive maintenance” comes into play. A technician who gives a boiler a check-up during a maintenance visit will know where to look to catch potential problems needs before they lead to a breakdown. To reduce future repairs we check the efficiency of the system and venting efficiency of the boiler with a combustion analyzer. More often than not buildings that have hot water or steam heat are close to or older than 100 years old.  Often the chimneys will degrade from the inside out. If the vent becomes restricted, the boiler will not burn efficiently and can become a health hazard because the boiler can become plugged with soot and rust. By performing yearly maintenance, we can prevent many problems.
  • Superior efficiency: If a boiler doesn’t receive regular tune-ups to keep all its parts functioning at peak level, the boiler may start to use energy inefficiently, leading to poorer performance and higher energy bills. Keeping the burner area clean, stopping leaks, fixing broken heating elements, and replacing corroded parts will make sure that your boiler is doing its best job all the time.

How often should I get maintenance?

Maintenance on boilers is usually a simple affair, more so than for furnaces or heat pumps; it will take no time at all for most systems. We recommend you have a maintenance check for your boiler in Brevard, NC at least once a year. It’s easy to schedule regular maintenance with Comfort Central, Inc., and you will also receive discounts on regular service prices. Get started today with keeping your boiler working for many tomorrows.

Do I Need a Furnace Repair if Different Areas in My Home Are Colder Than Others?

Monday, January 6th, 2014

It’s a fair question: do I need to schedule furnace repair if different areas in my home are colder than others? Usually, the answer is yes, though the problem might not involve your furnace depending on the nature of your home. Heating repair in Black Mountain, NC means addressing a large number of problems, so you can count on a reliable service to address the question for you. What, precisely is causing the issue? That depends on your system.

In some cases, the problem isn’t with the furnace at all, but rather with the specifics of your home. Warm air tends to rise, which means that the upper stories of the house are likely to be warmer than the lower stories. You might also experience the issue if one part of your home is uninsulated or contains less insulation than the rest of the house.

If the problem lies in the furnace, it likely lies somewhere in the distribution system, rather than the furnace itself. In some cases, a clog or a build-up of dirt in the system will restrict the air flow, which will make one room cooler than the others. A breach or leak in the duct system will create a similar problem, as warm air will leak out and slow the process of heating in the room itself. If you have a zone control system, then the problem may lie with whichever part of the system controls access to that room. In most cases, a qualified service technician can respond to such problems, and address them quickly in order to warm up the cooler part of the house

You might not need furnace repair if different areas in your home are colder than others, but calling a good service can still get to the root of the problem. Comfort Central, Inc. handles heating repair in Black Mountain, NC and other nearby communities, and our trained experts can hunt down the source of the problem once and for all for you. Pick up the phone today to make an appointment.