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How Air Conditioning in Asheville, NC Impacts Indoor Air Quality

Monday, July 29th, 2013

The ideal indoor air quality would mean that your home is virtually free of pollutants such as second-hand smoke and allergens. In Asheville, NC, air conditioning is already a fact of life: we couldn’t get through those summer heat waves and humidity without it. In addition to keeping you cool, an air conditioning system has a significant impact on overall indoor air quality.

In the most obvious terms, the air filters on your AC improve air quality simply by preventing dust and other particles from entering the system. When it comes time to change your filters, look for one with a MERV (Minimum Efficiency Rating Value) of between 9 and 12. A higher MERV rating means a more efficient filter, straining more particles out of the air than a filter with a lower MERV rating. However, if the rating is higher than 12, it may create problems with the air flow in your system.  You may also be able to upgrade your air conditioning unit with a UV light, which kills germs and other harmful entities as the air passes through it.

A well-maintained duct system without any leaks can further improve air quality. Ducts can develop cracks and leaks through normal wear and tear, and that can let contaminants into your home. Dust can also build up as well, and in your AC unit, specific components like the condensate pan can create stagnant water if the drain becomes clogged. All of which can have a huge impact on air quality, especially during hot and muggy periods in the summer, when moisture content in the air is high.

The effectiveness of your air conditioning also depends on internal factors within the household. If someone in the house is a smoker or if you have pets, the AC is going to need to work harder to maintain high levels of air quality. Even if you don’t have such concerns, it pays to speak with a qualified expert about using your AC to improve indoor air quality. Comfort Central, Inc. has provided expert air conditioning services in Asheville, NC and surrounding communities. Call us today; we’ll be happy to discuss options for improving your indoor air quality.

Hendersonville Air Conditioning Repair Tip: Spotting Signs of Damaged Ductwork

Monday, July 29th, 2013

Most homeowners operate air conditioners that rely on a ducts for forced air distribution system in order to circulate conditioned air throughout the house. While this can be a very effective, efficient way of doing so, damaged ductwork can also lead to serious comfort and efficiency problems. Do not get caught off guard by high cooling costs. Here are a few tips from the Hendersonville, NC air conditioning repair technicians at Comfort Central to help you spot the signs of damaged ductwork. If you notice any of these problems in your home, contact us immediately. We’ll help you cool your home more effectively and efficiently.

One common indicator that there is a problem with the air ducts in your home is, as stated above, a sudden increase in cooling costs. Tears and corrosion in your air ducts can allow air to escape. This means that your air conditioning system will need to work harder in order to cool your home down, running longer and consuming more energy. In turn, you will see an increase in the amount of money you spend when operating your air conditioner. Do not let damaged air ducts drain your air conditioning budget. Having your ducts sealed can help you cool your home with increased efficiency.

You may also notice that different areas of your home are more difficult to cool than others if your air ducts are damaged. Because poorly designed air ducts or leaking air ducts make it more difficult for air to reach throughout your home evenly, your comfort is going to suffer as a result. Damaged air ducts can lead to you actually spending more money on a weaker performance from your air conditioning system.

If you notice that your cooling costs are on the rise and that your home is not evenly cooled, call Comfort Central today. Damaged air ducts may be to blame. Our Hendersonville, NC air conditioning repair technicians can help you get the outstanding performance that you deserve from the air conditioning system in your home.

Asheville, NC Air Conditioning Repair Tip: Leaking Water

Monday, July 22nd, 2013

Many homeowners are surprised when they see water pooling beneath their air conditioning systems. However, leaking water is one of the most common air conditioning problems. If your air conditioner is leaking water and you need an Asheville, NC air conditioning repair professional, call Comfort Central. We’ve worked with all different kinds of AC systems and can get yours back up and working again fast. Take a look below at some of the things that could be causing your AC to leak water.

If you’ve ever taken a cold glass of water outside on a hot day, you likely noticed that water started to collect on the outside of the glass. This condensation occurs because warm air holds more moisture than cold air. As the warm air comes in contact with the cold glass, it releases its moisture as it cools.

The same thing happens on the inside of your air conditioning system. Your AC has a series of evaporator coils that get very cold. Your air conditioning system uses a fan to blow the warm air from your home across these coils in order to cool it. As the warm air passes over the coils and cools, it releases its moisture onto the coils.

If your air conditioner is working well, that condensation drops into a pan and then drains away. However, when your air conditioning system starts to leak water, it usually is caused by a clog in the condensate drain system. This can happen because of dust build-up in the pan’s drain or because of mold in the drain line.

For air conditioning repair in Asheville, NC, make sure that you call the experts at Comfort Central.


Common Mistakes that Lead to Air Conditioning Repairs: An Asheville, NC AC Tip

Monday, July 15th, 2013

If you’re like most homeowners you want to come home to a nice comfortable home. Your air conditioning system is a huge part of your home’s comfort—especially right now. But there are a few mistakes that homeowners make that can cause their AC not to work the way it should. Call the Asheville, NC air conditioning repair professionals at Comfort Central if you need AC service. We have years of experience working on all different types and brands of systems. We wanted to help our customers stay comfortable in their homes which is why we put together this list of some of the mistakes that we see.

  • Buy an AC that is too big – We often see homeowners that go out and buy a larger air conditioning system than they need. While it might seem like this would keep your home more comfortable, it actually does the opposite. The problem with a gigantic AC in a small home is something called “short cycling”. This occurs when your AC turns on, quickly cools your home, turns off and then soon after has to come back on again to start cooling again. This can lead to hot and cold spots in your home as well as your home being muggy and humid. It also increases the wear and tear on your system which can lead to more frequent repairs.
  • Not getting regular maintenance – Another big mistake that we see homeowners make is to not schedule regular maintenance for their home’s AC system. As your air conditioner runs it will start to develop small problems and issues. Without intervention from a professional contractor, those problems will likely fester and get more serious. During regular maintenance visits, your technician will look for those problems and repair them before they can cause more harm to your AC system.
  • Not changing the air filter – One of the most common causes of  air conditioning repair is a clogged air filter. Your air filter is there to keep dust and dirt from getting inside the AC unit. If it gets clogged it will restrict the flow of air through your AC and cause more frequent repair, decreased efficiency and decreased comfort in your home.

For all your Asheville, NC air conditioning repairs, make sure that you call Comfort Central. 

Asheville, NC Air Conditioning Tip: Repair or Replace

Monday, July 8th, 2013

Knowing whether you should repair or replace your air conditioning system can be difficult. Short of a total and permanent breakdown of your AC, there are numerous factors to consider. Most of all, you need your cooling system to perform well no matter what the outside temperature is, and to do so efficiently, using only minimal energy. Repairs are a necessary part of owning a home, and the same goes for your air conditioner. But if your AC does not work as well as it should, or if it requires frequent repairs, then you might want to consider replacing it. With that in mind, let’s look at a few problems that you might encounter with your AC.

  • Frozen coils: During the refrigerant cycle, your evaporator and condenser coils both absorb and dissipate thermal energy drawn from your home. As the evaporator cools the air, the moisture in the air condenses on the coils and drains away. The reason why you might have frost on the coils is because if you have an airflow issue, that moisture can freeze. This is often caused by a clogged air filter. This isn’t typically cause for replacement, but it depends on the nature of the problem.
  • Low refrigerant: When it was installed, your AC was “charged” with a certain amount of refrigerant that moves through a cycle of compressor, condenser, expansion valve, and evaporator. The cooling process does not expend refrigerant, so it should always be the same. If the level becomes low, it’s most likely because of a leak somewhere in the coils. This can happen as a result of a puncture or corrosion. Depending on where the leak is, different parts of your unit might need to be replaced. If you need to replace the whole evaporator coil, then it might make more sense to just install a new AC entirely if your current unit is old or suffering other issues.
  • Frequent repairs and old age: If your AC is having difficulty producing adequate cooling, on top of frequent repairs and old age, then you should probably consider replacement. It may make more financial sense in the long-term to invest in the future of your comfort. A new air conditioner will probably perform better and be more energy efficient.

Call Comfort Central today for comprehensive Asheville, NC air conditioning services, including repair and replacement. We can help you make the right decision for your cooling needs and budget.

Have a Safe and Happy 4th of July!

Tuesday, July 2nd, 2013

The 4th of July will forever hold a very special place in the history of the United States of America. On this day in 1776, the second Continental Congress approved the Declaration of Independence.

Not only is Independence Day an important day in our nation’s history, but for many people it is a day that is filled with memories from celebrations of years past. Fireworks, barbeques, baseball games, fairs, carnivals, patriotic music and ceremonies are all scattered through our memories as we’ve participated in annual parties, get-togethers, picnics and family gatherings throughout the years. John Adams, our 2nd president, was right when he said that our Independence Day “…ought to be solemnized with pomp and parade, with shows, games, sports, guns, bells, bonfires, and illuminations, from one end of this continent to the other, from this time forward forever more.”

The 4th of July is truly a day to enjoy but also to remember and respect the sacrifice that many brave men and women made over 200 years ago to give us the freedom that we cherish today. However you celebrate Independence Day, make sure that you take a moment to remember what this day is really about.

We wish you a safe and happy 4th of July!