family-with-dogWhen people think in terms of humidity here in North Carolina,B too muchB humidity is likely the first thought that enters their mind. Sure, summer days are notoriously humid in this area, and summer does seem to last for much of the year. That being said, humidity does drop here in the winter season just like it does in most other places. When you add in other factors like the tight seal of your home’s thermal envelope, you can really start to encounter problems.
What kind of problems can dry air really lead to, though? What’s the big deal? Well, we’ll be covering all that in today’s post. Let’s just start by saying that, once you’ve read the following info, it is very likely thatB you’llB be looking for a new whole-house humidifier in Mills River, NC. If you do decide that the time is right for a whole-house humidifier installation, then you’ll want to schedule that service with a skilled, experienced professional.

Dry Skin

If you surround your body with very humid air, your body feels hot and sticky, right? Well, if you surround your body with air that is too dry, then you can expect to encounter problems related to your skin drying out! That’s right. Dry air in your home leads to dry, itchy skin. It can even lead to skinB soB dried out that you wind up with painful splits and cracks. And, of course, such open cuts leave you more vulnerable to problems like infections.

Increased Risk of Illness

It’s not just those splits and cracks on your hands that you have to worry about, either. If you have very dry air in your home, and you’re breathing air that is too dry, then your mucous membranes will dry out as well. That means that your body is losing a natural defense against illness. Small cuts and tears in your nasal passages and throat make you far more susceptible to germs and airborne illnesses.

Damages to Your Property

The bad news just keeps coming! In addition to splitting skin and an increased risk of illness, you may also be looking at damages to your property that are directly related to the dry air in your home! Wooden floorboards and furniture can dry out, leading to splits, cracks, and splintering as a result of dry air.
Not only that, but you also run the risk of damage to your sensitive electronics when the air in your home is too dry.B How the heck does that work,B you wonder? Because instances of static shock will go up when your air is too dry, and such damages can follow!

So What Can I Do?

You can invest in a whole-house humidifier, that’s what. Yes, there are portable humidifiers that you can use in your home. No, we do not recommend their use unless you’re just looking to humidify a single room, like the nursery. They use a surprising amount of energy, and you’ll wind up having to fill them all the time.B A whole-house humidifier is more efficient, more effective, and just better in every way.

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