At Comfort Central we do not think that it is enough for you to simply enjoy comfortable temperatures in your home. We believe that you must also have access to the best, highest quality air possible in your home. Breathe easy knowing that our team of indoor air quality experts has the tools and devices you need to improve the air in your Asheville, NCB home. Call today to schedule the services you need to experience the true, uninhibited comfort that we believe each and every one of our customers deserves.
One of the most basic ways in which you may improve indoor air quality in your home is to schedule the installation of a good quality air filter. Mechanical air filtersb efficiency is measured with a MERV (minimum efficiency reporting value). While your heating and air conditioning system does have a factory installed air filter already, this filter likely has a low MERV rating, between 1-4, and is designed more to protect your HVAC equipment than to improve air quality.
An electronic air cleaner is a more advanced way of removing pollutants from the air that you breathe. Devices such as an electromagnetic precipitator pull air through an ionization chamber. In this chamber the particles in the air are given an electrical charge. This charge then causes them to become stuck on a collector plate. This plate is then simply removed, cleaned off and reinstalled into the device to continue the cycle.
For more information about the tools at your disposal to help you improve indoor air quality in Asheville, NC,B call Comfort Central.