The thermostat is your control panel for the comfort in your home. Although it seems simple and miniscule compared to boilers, furnaces, heat pumps, and other heating system components you have in Asheville, NC, the thermostat is an essential tool for getting effective heating in your home from those systems. If you learn how best to control it, you can achieve better comfort and increased energy savings.
We have some helpful tips for making sure that your thermostat works for you. If youbre interested in a thermostat upgrade to make the job easier, then get in touch with Comfort Central and our technicians. You can rely on our experience with thermostat installation.
The one thing you should consider regarding your thermostatbs efficiency: bIs my thermostat in the right place?b The position of a thermostat shouldnbt be random, or placed wherever you can find it the quickest. If a thermostat is installed in a spot where sunlight frequently falls over it, or near doors and windows that are often open, the thermostat will record bghost readingsbbtemperatures that do not reflect your homebs real temperature. For digital and programmable thermostats, this can lead to ineffective heating and an energy drain as the thermostat shuts the heater on and off at inappropriate times. Consult an HVAC specialist to see about re-installing it in a better spot.
Another thing to consider is: bShould I upgrade to a newer thermostat model?b The answer is most certainly byesb if you have neither a digital nor programmable model. Truly effective thermostat control means having as many control options as you can, and a programmable model gives you the most since you will still have control even when youbre out of the house or asleep.
We care about your comfort at Comfort Centralbthatbs why we put it in our name. Heating in Asheville, NC is our specialty and we are here to do anything to help you, from recalibrating a thermostat to installing a geothermal heat pump. Contact us today.