Are you in the market for a new heating and air conditioning system in Asheville, NC? If so, be sure to call Comfort Central to explore your options. Central, forced air cooling systems are very popular, but the ductwork that they require to disperse air throughout your home can be problematic. If you are interested in effective heating and air conditioning performance without the potential problems posed by ductwork, consider the installation of a ductless mini split system.
Ductless mini splits are great for homes that cannot accommodate bulky ductwork systems. A compressor unit is installed outside. Wall mounted air handlers are installed in your home, and these air handlers are connected to the outdoor unit by a simple conduit. This connection allows the air handlers to disperse air directly into the rooms in which they are installed, eliminating the need for ductwork altogether.
Heating and cooling your home more efficiently and with better control is easy with a ductless mini split system. By using multiple thermostatsB and controlling the air handlers individually you can create different temperature zones in your home. This allows you to heat or cool only those rooms that are in use, saving energy and money. You wonbt have any more disagreements among family members about how the thermostat is set. Temperature zones keep everyone happy and comfortable while reducing your energy use.
The installation process for ductless mini splits is simple. All that is needed to connect the inner and outer components is the conduit, meaning that a 3b hole will be drilled in your wall. There is no duct installation or renovation necessary. When it comes to simple installation ductless mini splits are a great option.
Ductwork is a common point of energy loss. Poor installation, design or insulation and leaks allow energy to be lost while air is being distributed. Because ductless mini splits allow the blowers to disperse air directly there is no way for energy to be lost in transit.
If youbre interested in learning more about ductless split systems or would like to schedule an installation, contact the professionals at Comfort Central today. We have all the information and answers you need to make the right decision about heating and cooling yourAsheville, NC home. Call today to schedule service.