Consumers looking for a new air conditioning system may hear the term btwo stage air conditioningb when comparing the different models available. But what is a two stage air conditioning system exactly? And more importantly, what benefits does it provide to homeowners in the Asheville, NC area? As the name implies, two stage air conditioning systems have two modes of operation. During hot days, the air conditioning works at full capacity to keep your home cool and comfortable. Then when temperatures drop, the system switches to a lower capacity: fine for maintaining cool temperatures when the weather outside is more temperate. The cooling cycle lasts longer in the lower stage, and generally creates a more even temperature within the household.
What does all that mean? For the homeowner, it usually translates to lower bills. Air conditioners spend a lot of energy turning on and off, especially when temperatures arenbt so warm and the system needs to cycle on and off to keep your home from getting too cold. A two stage air conditioning system maintains longer, more even cyclesb& using less energy and keeping those electric bills in check.
Two-stage air conditioners also are a great way to deal with humidity, which Asheville, NC residents are all-too familiar with in the summer months. The longer cycles pull moisture out of the air more efficiently, making the air drier and more comfortable without expending any additional energy.
The exact type of technology used depends on the model of air conditioner. Some two-stage air conditioners use multiple compressors; one compressor turns on when temperatures are mild, with more kicking in as the mercury starts to rise. Other systems uses a single multi-speed compressor which shifts between modes and works harder during the hottest days of the year.
Air conditioning installation costs for a two-stage system may be a little higher than older one-stage systems, but you can often see the pay-off in lower bills and increased comfort. When the time comes to consider your Asheville, NC B air conditioningB installation options, call the technicians at Comfort Central for a consultation. Webll discuss the specifics with you and help you determine if a two-stage air conditioning system is right for you. Comfort Central is dedicated to prompt and professional service, whether it be air conditioning installation, repair, or maintenance services. Set up a meeting with us today; we can show you the advantages that a two-stage air conditioning system provides.