Here in Asheville, NC, air conditioning repair companies must deal with all manner of problems. Our summers can get quite hot and muggy and when an air conditioning unit goes on the fritz, it needs to be corrected as quickly as possible. Sometimes, however, the problem doesnbt lie with the air conditioning unit itself, but rather with the thermostat, which gauges the temperature in your home and allows you to control when the air conditioner turns on and off.
That can be a significant consideration when it comes to air conditioning repair: is the thermostat the problem?
Older thermostats used to rely on mercury switches to do their jobs, while most newer ones have electronic components. Regardless of the age or construction of the thermostat, however, problems with it tend to fall into a few well-defined categories. In most cases, a faulty thermostat either wonbt turn on when you need it to, wonbt turn off when it should, or will cycle the system on and off at inappropriate times. This could stem from misreading the temperature in the home, or from a problem with the relays controlling the air conditioning system. Most of the time, a faulty thermostat must be replaced by a new unit, though in some cases, the questionable component can be repaired.
An entirely different problem arises if the thermostat hasnbt been placed properly in your home. In these cases, the unit itself is working fine, but if itbs located in a drafty area or near a patch of sunlight, it will misread the temperature. The effect is similar to that of a malfunctioning thermostat, as it will turn the air conditioning on and off at inappropriate times. A repair technician will note the poor placement, however, and recommend that you move the thermostat to a spot that more accurately reflects the temperature in the house.
If the thermostat is the problem, then an air conditioning repair service needs to be able to pinpoint it and offer an effective solution. The good news is that here in Asheville, the air conditioning repair specialists at Comfort Central, Inc. can handle the problem. We pride ourselves on your complete satisfaction so donbt hesitate to give us a call!