You may notice that during summer there are rooms and spots in your home that donbt receive the same level of cooling as the rest of the building. Conventional wisdom says that therebs really nothing you can do about this: hot spots are just going to happen and they canbt be fixed.
However, this is myth! In fact, itbs one of the biggest myths about air conditioning that youbre likely to hear. If your home has hots spots during the summer when the AC is running, you can do something about it. HVAC professionals can help find out why youbre receiving uneven heating and provide solutions that will help evenly distribute cooling throughout the house. Below are some of the methods to get rid of hot spots.

Duct sealing

One of the most common causes of hot spots in homes is leaks in the air ducts. If cool air is escaping from the duct leading to one of the rooms, it will seriously impair comfort levels for that room. Professionals can locate the ducts and use special tools to seal them.

Installing a properly-sized AC unit

A poorly installed air conditioning system may be the wrong size for the home. One thatbs either too large or too small will result in uneven cooling. Our technicians will be able to tell if the ACbs size is the source of the problem and provide a replacement unit that will do the job you need.

Improving insulation

You may need air sealing for the rooms that are experiencing hot spots. If gaps in the insulation permitting outside heat into the space, it will make it difficult for the AC to keep the room cool. We have energy efficiency specialists on our team who can locate air leaks in your home and put a stop to those pesky hot spots.

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