money-out-the-roofLast week we talked about getting a mid-winter tune-up for your heating system and why itbs a good idea to schedule work on your homebs heater even when winter is coming to a close.
And that topic leads right into todaybs. With the end of winter in sight and temperatures starting to rise into the 60s, now is also a great time to consider the regular spring maintenance and tune-up for your air conditioning system. March is a notoriously unpredictable month for weather (bin like a lamb, out like a lionb and the other way around as well) and itbs not yet time to shut down your furnace or other heaterbbut the AC needs to be ready to get to work soon.

Getting the Air Conditioner Ready for Warm Weather

Before we get into professional air conditioning maintenance, there are a few steps that you can take at this time of the year that will help your cooling system:

Arrange for Professional Air Conditioning Maintenance

This is the crucial step, and the best way to do it is to contact our team and sign up for our residential maintenance program in Mills River, NC or elsewhere in Western North Carolina. Our maintenance program is called The Comfort Club, and it provides members with more than the standard twice-a-year inspections and check-ups for the HVAC system. Below are some of the additional benefits youbll receives as a member:

Of course, the best benefit of all is the peace of mind that you and your family will enjoy because the air conditioner is in top shape to handle the summer heat!

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