Last week we wrote about one of the most important services to schedule during the spring: regular maintenance for your air conditioner. The inspection and tune-up will see that your air conditioner works at maximum efficiency during the coming summer and that the AC will have a long life.
But one of the most important parts of maintenance is the checks the technician does to find if the air conditioner needs repairs before the heat of the middle of the year arrives. Below are some of the more common AC repair jobs that you might have to schedule based on what HVAC technicians discover during maintenance.

Stopping refrigerant (bFreonb) leaks

The lifeblood of an air conditioning system is the chemical refrigerant that flows through it. The refrigerant is what allows the AC to absorb heat from inside a home and then release it to the outside. Each AC system contains a set amount of this refrigerant, known as its charge, and this should remain constant through the systembs lifetime. But leaks can occur along the copper refrigerant lines, causing the charge to drop. This will not only cut into the cooling power of the air conditioner, it can lead to irreversible damage to the compressor. Repair professionals will find and seal the leaks, then recharge the refrigerant to it correct level.

Replacing motor bearings

Maintenance always takes a close look at the different motors in an air conditioner. The motors power the fans and the compressor, and they undergo a great deal of strain. The bearings are one of the first parts of these motors that will wear down, causing the motor to rattle. Technicians can replace the bearings to fix them.

Cleaning the coils

The evaporator coil indoors can develop dirt and grime over the year, and this will restrict its ability to absorb thermal energy. To fix this, the coil will need to be removed and cleaned. (Donbt try to clean a coil on your own, as you may damage it.)

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