Forced-air furnaces are a staple of many homes in the area, relying on burning gas pushed through a heat exchanger to warm your home. However, there are many different heating system options available, and you needn’t be bound to it if another type of heater will work better for you. Heat pumps, for instance, are an extremely popular choice, combining the functions of a heater and an air conditioner by using the same basic system of cycling refrigerant that normal air conditioners use.
Here are 3 reasons to replace your furnace with a heat pump:

Here in Hendersonville, NC, heating installation and repair issues can be handled by the professionals at Comfort Central. We can give you plenty of reasons to replace your furnace with a heat pump, but we won’t do so unless the fit is right for you and your household will benefit from the switch. We have years of experience and our trained staff won’t rest until you are completely satisfied. Call us today to schedule a consultation. You’ll be glad you did!