ductless-unitLiving in North Carolina means dealing with hot and humid weather. Dealing with hot and humid weather means running your air conditioner. It means running your air conditioner a lot, actually. And that is why you really want an AC that is going to get the job done without draining your budget. And that is why so many homeowners in this area are turning to ductless mini split systems.
If you haven't considered ductless air conditioning in Brevard, NC, now is the time. Ductless mini splits have a lot of benefits to offer homeowners, and many of them have an impact on cooling costs. So keep this information in mind if you're choosing a new air conditioning system, and be sure to reach out to our team if you think that a ductless air conditioning system may be the right option for your home.

Benefit #1: No Leaky Ductwork!

This is a pretty straightforward one. Did you know that a lot of homeowners pay more than they should have to for cooling due to their air ducts leaking? It's true. When ducts develop leaks, it is easy for heat to make its way into the system. When that happens, your AC has to work harder to cool the air that it's distributing around your home. And when that happens, you're paying more money for your comfort (and often with subpar results).
Eliminating ductwork entirely is the only way to eliminate the risk of leaky ductwork entirely. And that is just what a ductless mini split brings to the table. Rather than using air ducts to distribute conditioned air throughout the house, a ductless mini split system uses individual, wall-mounted blowers. There is no chance of leaks dragging down energy efficiency as a result of this unique system design.

Benefit #2: Greater System Control

The average central air conditioner is going to distribute conditioned air throughout the house in the most simple way. That means maintaining one temperature throughout the entire house. But this is rarely the best way to cool a home. Your central air conditioner can be outfitted with a zone control system, which will allow you to maintain different temperatures in different areas of the house. But with a ductless system, that functionality is just a basic feature.
Each individual blower unit is controlled independently of the others, meaning you can easily maintain different temperatures in different areas of the house. That allows you to cut back on energy use by cooling different areas to different temperatures, and this alone is enough to make a major difference in how much you pay to cool your house.

Benefit #3: Versatility

You know what's a great way to save money? Cutting the systems you have to purchase and maintain in half. And with a ductless mini split you can, because these systems are heat pumps. That means that you get a heater and an AC in one package.
The best part? Heat pumps are renowned for the incredible efficiency with which they operate. They don't create new heat. They move existing heat into the house. In fact, they are ideal for areas like ours, where winters are relatively mild.

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